Classic Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition

On this page you will find an online exhibition containing classic Islamic calligraphy works written by Turkish calligraphy masters.




Content of Work: A Qudsee Hadith & Its Translation into Ottoman Language
(Qudsee Hadith Means, saying of the Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- that contains information about Allah's attributes or the news that Allah revealed to Him. However, Qudsee hadiths are not considered from the Holy Koran and there is a small amount of Qudsee hadiths.)
Meaning: (When Allah decreed the Creation He pledged Himself by writing in His book which is laid down with Him:)
"My mercy prevails over My wrath"
Calligrapher: Hamid Aytaç
Calligraphy Style: Qufee & Icazet

Content of Work: Besmellaaherrahmaanerraheem
Meaning: "In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful."
Calligrapher: Hüseyin KUTLU
Calligraphy Style: Musanna Jalee Thuluth
Illumination: Serap Bostanci

Content of Work: The Names of Allah (swt), Muhammad (saaw) and four caliph: Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ale (ra)
Calligrapher: Fevzi Günüç
Calligraphy Style: Jalee Thuluth
Illumination: Serap Bostanci

Meaning: You see the name of Allah in this work.
Calligrapher: ?
Calligraphy Style: Diwani

Meaning: "Allah's Will be done!"
Calligrapher: Mehmed Özçay
Calligraphy Style: Jalee Thuluth

Content of Work: Auzu-Basmalah (a praying) & Surah al-'Asr (103) From The Holy Koran
Meaning: "I seek refuge with the name of Allah from the cursed evil. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
By (the Token of) Time (through the Ages), Verily Man is in loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy."

Calligrapher: Mehmed Özçay
Calligraphy Style: Istifli Jalee Thuluth

Content of Work: A Poem In Ottoman Language
(This is a mystic poem. It needs some explanation but I do not have enough knowledge and English to explain it. I am just writing literal translation. -Webmaster-)
"When you buy regard the seller
When you sell regard the buyer
In your profit regard the remainder
Get from the Lord, give to the Lord"

Calligrapher: Abdulhadi (Erol) Dönmez
Calligraphy Style: Thuluth
Illumination: Serap Bostanci

Content of Work: A Poem In Ottoman Language
"Unwary person thinks that
the things I collect is mine forever.
He is not aware of
his meaningless struggle."

(Because when he died, everything he collected will stay on this world. In the Hereafter the only acceptable thing will be person's good works which he had made in the life of the world.)
Calligrapher: Abdulhadi (Erol) Dönmez
Calligraphy Style: Thuluth
Illumination: Serap Bostanci

Content of Work: A saying of Said Nursi (a Muslim scholar) in Ottoman Language
"Since the (life of) world is transitory
It does not worth to concern your heart with it."

Calligrapher: Mehmed Özçay
Calligraphy Style: Thuluth

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